Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Apology, Academy, When?

So I presume that the Academy is going to apologize to Bill Westenhofer and the Computer Graphics community in general for cutting Bill off at the awards.  In their apology, they should include a statement from Bill which has what it is he was going to say, which was presumably to thank R&H and wish them the best outcome of their current crisis.

And Ang Lee will apologize for not thanking R&H and the artists who made his award possible.

I must say that they are to be congratulated for taking a bad situation and making it worse for themselves.  I have seen this once or twice before.  Its as if the people with the power want to make sure that the little people organize, because they really don't care if they do or they don't.  I think they are correct, nothing will change.  But it is fun to see the effects people wake up and see how screwed they are.  Its only taken them 20 years or so.

[draft, I have to run go apply for food stamps to eat, so I will return to this later]

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