Friday, October 5, 2012

Paperman Breakdown / Disney Project of Some Sort

Tom Brigham found this on youtube.

This is a Disney project called "Paperman".

This is the sort of project I would love to do if I am ever in a position to do a project.  It has, at first glance, some interesting technology and a noble goal, or at least, so it seems, which is to do 3D animation with some of the aesthetics of 2D animation.

3D animation is in many ways a step backwards from 2D.  I was shocked when 3D appeared to wipe out 2D: how unexpected, unfair, and undesirable!

Damn.  Where did I leave my keys?

All copyrights in all ways owned by the Walt Disney Company.  I presume they do not mind us publicizing this work, but who knows, we will find out.

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