Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lytro at Siggraph 2012 and the "Technical Lytro"

On two different occasions I heard Kurt Akeley describe the Lytro camera which uses lightfields in photography.   Here is an example of a picture he took of me, at different points of focus, and then the original, live, on his web site.

I love this.

The live version is at

Here are two stills derived from the "live" version.  Yes, this is me in my "George Smiley" mode.  The other redhead is my friend Scott Elofson.

Studio / Technical Lytro ?

I asked Kurt if he / Lytro were planning to do a studio version of this camera.  He said that he wasn't sure if there was a business model for such a thing.  I said, I was quite sure whether there was a business model for such a thing, the answer is no, absolutely not.  Not a chance.

But actually, I had the terms wrong.  I meant a "technical camera", and the answer would still be no.

A technical camera is one that a professional photographer would use in his/her studio to do product photography among other things and would be capable of significant tilt & shift both front and back.

A few pictures of studio / technical cameras:

Here is a link to a description of a technical camera by Phillip Agee, see

So we won't expect a Technical Studio Lytro anytime soon.  But hopefully this first Lytro will be the first in a series of successful and innovative Lytro cameras.    I am dying to get my hands on one.

Lytro themselves can be found at

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