Friday, August 3, 2012

Breakthrough Announced in the Development of Machine Consciousness: Robotic Dance Competition

My friend Steve Speer pointed out this important development on the long road to intelligent machines which will replace humans as the dominant intelligent life form on this planet.

Although I do not believe that those of us who are alive today will see the emergence of a  truly intelligent and conscious machine, or singularity as it is sometimes called, we are likely to see important milestones on that path.    Some of those milestones will be recognized when they happen, and some will only be recognized after a passage of time has revealed their significance.

In this case, we have a milestone, perhaps even a breakthrough, in the evolution of these intelligent machines:   the Chinese have held a successful robotic dance competition in which dancing biped robots compete in pairs for the prize of best dance routine.   I think that this development will prove to be a surprise to most of the scientists and countries working in this field.   I am sure that they will be eager to repeat the experiment, and possibly to develop even more sophisticated and compelling robotic dance competitors.

See the video below.

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